ZXing.Net.Mobile : Zxing Barcode Scanning Library for Xamarin & Windows Phone

Zxing Barcode Scanning Library for Windows Phone : ZXing.Net.Mobile

ZXing.Net.Mobile is a C#/.NET library based on the widely used ZXing barcode library, using the ZXing.Net Port. It works with Xamarin.iOS, Xamarin.Android, and Windows Phone. Detailed usage instruction are available on the project homepage.

Here’s a simple usage example,

buttonScan.Click += (sender, e) => {

  //NOTE: On Android, you MUST pass a Context into the Constructor!
    var scanner = new ZXing.Mobile.MobileBarcodeScanner();

  var result = await scanner.Scan();

    if (result != null)
    Console.WriteLine("Scanned Barcode: " + result.Text);

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  • Price : Free
  • License : Apache License, Version 2.0
  • Visit Link

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