ZXing : Barcode Image Processing Library


The capability to process barcodes is an integral feature of many mobile apps. From scanning product barcodes to storing contact information to bitcoin addresses, there are numerous uses for processing popular barcode formats like the one dimensional barcodes and QR codes.

ZXing (pronounced zebra crossing) is one of the most widely used barcode image processing library. It is implemented in Java with port available for various other languages. The library has support for various 1D and 2D formats. The library is a popular choice among Android developers for the purpose of implementing barcode (including QR code) processing capability.With Zxing you can implement a barcode processing mechanism where the barcode scanned with the device camera can be decoded without needing to communicate with a server.The library consists of various active modules including the below,

  • core module : The core image decoding library.
  • javase : JavaSE-specific client code
  • android : Android client Barcode Scanner
  • androidtest : Android test app, ZXing Test
  • android-integration : Integration with Barcode Scanner via Intent
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  • Price : Free
  • License : Apache License Version 2.0
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