ZXing Android Minimal

A port of the ZXing Android Barcode Scanner application as an Android library project, for embedding in other Android applications.


Install/import with Gradle

Instructions for Gradle

Add the following to your build.gradle,

repositories {

    maven {
        url "http://dl.bintray.com/journeyapps/maven"

dependencies {
    // Supports Android 4.0.3 and later (API level 15)
    compile 'com.journeyapps:zxing-android-embedded:2.0.1@aar'

    // Supports Android 2.1 and later (API level 7), but not optimal for later Android versions.
    // If you only plan on supporting Android 4.0.3 and up, you don't need to include this.
    compile 'com.journeyapps:zxing-android-legacy:2.0.1@aar'

    // Convenience library to launch the scanning and encoding Activities.
    // It automatically picks the best scanning library from the above two, depending on the
    // Android version and what is available.
    compile 'com.journeyapps:zxing-android-integration:2.0.1@aar'

    // Version 3.0.x of zxing core contains some code that is not compatible on Android 2.2 and earlier.
    // This mostly affects encoding, but you should test if you plan to support these versions.
    // Older versions e.g. 2.2 may also work if you need support for older Android versions.
    compile 'com.google.zxing:core:3.0.1'
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  • License : Apache License, Version 2.0
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