TimelyTextView : Timely Alarm App Like Animated TextView

The hugely popular Timely Alarm Clock app is also considered as one of the most beautiful apps. The app, known for its stunning user experience has received many praises for its design. One of its distinct design features is the Animated TextView. If you have never used this app then take a look at this video to view the textview animation.

TimelyTextView lets you implement an animated TextView like the one seen in the Timely Alarm app. The library is easy to use and you can control the looping and counter with its animate and count parameters as shown below,

  • animate = once, loop (loop will make the numbers count infinitely in a loop from 0-9, once would count only once)
  • count = up, down (up will count the numbers from 0-9 while down will count from 9-0)
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