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RFRateMe will help you promote your iPhone/iPad app without irritating your users. It’s very simple to install, use and configure.

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AppRater is an Android library that prompts the user to rate the app on their appstore (e.g. Google Play). You can customize parameters such as after how many days and/or launches of the app...

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An Android library for an App Rater component that will help you in getting better reviews on the Google Play Store. The idea is to prompt your users for a review when they are...

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A discreet AppRater for Android. It is inspired by the Discreet App Rate library, but with more customizations.

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Discreet App Rate

Discreet App Rate is a lightweight non intrusive app rate reminder for Android.

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Android-Rate : Rate the App Library

An Android library to help you promote your app by prompting users to rate the app after using it for a few days. A sample app is available that you can refer to for...

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UAAppReviewManager : App Store Review Prompt

UAAppReviewManager is an app review prompting tool for iOS and Mac App Store apps. It prompts the user to write a review when the developer thinks they are satisfied with the app (to encourage...

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iRate : App Rater Library

Many apps implement a prompt that ask or remind the user to rate the app in the respective app store. This, implemented correctly, usually converts well and results in an increase in feedback/rating for...

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Appirater : Android App Rating Library

Appirater is an android library that lets you implement an App Rating prompt to remind your users to review your app on the android Market. It is a port of iOS appirater with additional...