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WPEditText-material-edittext 0


Material design inspired EditText with icon support and validation included.

MaterialTabs-Android 0


An easy-to-integrate tab bar for Android that completely respects the Material Design guidelines and supports all versions of Android since API 9!

GreenMatter-material-design-android 0


Android library to backport Material design and allow changing colors at run-time. It supports Android 4.0+ (minSdkVersion=”14″).

MaterialSpinner-for-Android 0


This library provides you a Spinner with the Material style. You can use it like any regular Spinner. Add floating label text, hint and error messages.

MaterialPreferenceLibrary-for-Android 0


Allows to have a nice Material-Design look&feel for API 7 and above for the PreferenceActivity, including most commonly used preferences and also showing the actionBar. All the dialogs are using the support library’s dialogs,...

Android-DialogFragments-Library 0

Android DialogFragments

Various DialogFragments for Android. Traditional and material style. AlertDialogFragment ProgressDialogFragment DatePickerDialogFragment TimePickerDialogFragment NumberPickerDialogFragment StringPickerDialogFragment

material-design-library-android 0

Material Design Library

This library helps developers creating their Android Application with Material Design. It offers a lot of Material Design classes easy to use like a CardView or a NavigationDrawerActivity that creates an Activity with a...