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multiphotochooser-windows-phone-lib 0

MultiPhotoChooser for Windows Phone

This library helps you implement a multi-photo chooser functionality in your app. It is built like the native chooser but has the ability to do multiple photo selection and return the result just the...

nokia-imaging-sdk-library 0

Nokia Imaging SDK for Windows Phone

Nokia Imaging SDK is a powerful library of image manipulation tools which developers can use to develop imaging apps for Windows Phone 8 and Windows 8.1 devices. Built with the technology that powers Nokia’s...

KIImagePager-ios 0


Inspired from foursquare’s Image Slideshow, KIImagePager is a UIView Subclass that lets you present Images loaded from the Web. Implementing the ImagePager is fairly easy and can be set up in Interface Builder.

AndroidImageManager-libr 0


AndroidImageManager is an image downloading and caching library for Android. It handles all the boilerplate code for simple downloading, caching and using images. It downloads the images and caches them using an in-memory LRU...

ImageCache-Android 0

Image Cache : Android Image Download and Cacher

Image Cache is an image download-and-cacher for Android that also knows how to efficiently generate and retrieve thumbnails of various sizes. It integrates into content-provider backed applications easily, providing an adapter that can read...

AndroidImageLoader 0


AndroidImageLoader is a library for Android that lets you load images asynchronously. It downloads the images and saves them to cache via a pool of background threads, supports preloading of off-screen images into a...

iOS NBUKit 0


NBUKit is a set of customizable image editing, filters, picker and UIKit subclasses. It contains several components such as NBUCameraView (a customizable AVFoundation-based camera view), NBUAssets (Multiple classes of all three MVC categories to...