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Android ImageResizer

Android ImageResizer is a simple library which provides Bitmap (in form of File, byte[] and Resource) resizing, cropping, rotation, flipping on Android.

Haneke - Image cache for iOS 0

Haneke : Image Cache for iOS

Haneke is a lightweight zero-config image cache for iOS. It resizes images and caches the result on memory and disk. Everything is done in background, allowing for fast, responsive scrolling. It implements first-level memory...

Custom image slider library for Android 0


An image slider for Android. It lets you load images from an internet URL, drawable, or file. It also features many kinds of amazing animations.

PEPhotoCropEditor-image cropping library for iOS 1

PEPhotoCropEditor : Image Cropping Library for iOS

PEPhotoCropEditor is an image cropping library for iOS, similar to the Photos.app UI. It supports both iPhone/iPad and plays nicely with any device orientations. It also supports pinch gesture to zoom and roatation gesture.

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LBBlurredImage : Image Blur Effect

LBBlurredImage is an UIImageView category for iOS that lets you set blur effect on an image. It requires ARC, which you can ignore by setting the compiler flag -fobjc-arc in case your project doesn’t...