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glide-transformations-for-android 0

Glide Transformations

An Android transformation library providing a variety of image transformations for Glide.

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Fresco is a powerful system for displaying images in Android applications. It takes care of image loading and display so you don’t have to. It will load images from the network, local storage, or...

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ByakuGallery is an open source Android library that allows the visualization of large images with gesture capabilities. This lib is based on AOSP Camera2.

DexMovingImageView-Android 0


DMIV aims to provide a flexible and customizable instrument for automated images moving on display. It provides scroll, gyroscope or time based moving. But you can create your own evaluator.

AmazeKit-ios 0


AmazeKit is an image rendering library for iOS. Its goal is to retain the performance of using .png-formatted images in UIKit classes, while avoiding the chore of creating these images in Photoshop, as well...

WebImageLoader : Library for handling web image in Android 0

WebImageLoader : Android Asynchronous Image Loading

WebImageLoader is an Android library that handles asynchronous image loading. It downloads the images on a background thread pool and saves them to disk/memory. The disk and memory cache size is configurable. The library...

SDWebImage-UIImageView-category-iOS 0


SDWebImage provides a category for UIImageView with support for remote images coming from the web. It provides an UIImageView category adding web image and cache management to the Cocoa Touch framework, an asynchronous image...

Android image processing library : AndroidFastImageProcessing 0


A framework for speeding up image processing on android devices by taking advantage of shaders on the GPU. The project aims to provide a framework similar to Brad Larson’s GPUImage but on android. Unlike...

ios image manipulation helper library 0


Create blurred images, take a screenshot, make a image with color. UIImage-Helpers works on iOS 5.0+ version and is compatible with ARC projects.