SlidingMenu For Android


SlidingMenu is an Android library that you can use to create applications with slide-in menus that were made popular by popular apps like YouTube, Google+ and Facebook. The git page provides detailed instruction on how to integrate the library into your project and also contains usage examples.


Usage instructions for IDEs/Tools

Instructions for Misc. Platform/IDE/Tools


  • Import the library as an Android library project. Project > Clean to generate the binaries you need, like, etc.
  • Add SlidingMenu as a dependency to your existing project.

Follow these additional steps to setup with ActionBarSherlock,

  • Checkout a clean copy of ActionBarSherlock and import into your Eclipse workspace.
  • Add ActionBarSherlock as a dependency to SlidingMenu.
  • Go into the SlidingActivities that you plan on using and make them extend Sherlock___Activity instead of ___Activity.
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