Samsung Remote Test Lab : Remotely Test Your Apps On Real Android & Tizen Devices


Testing your applications on the emulator is great and may be even convenient while developing, but testing your apps on a real device is important and always recommended before you publish your apps. The problem with that is that It’s not always very feasible to purchase and maintain a number of devices just for this purpose, especially if your are a smaller/individual developer. The Remote Test Lab by Samsung is a service that tries to help in this regard.

The Remote Test Lab by Samsung is a solution that lets you control devices remotely and test your applications on a real device. The service allows you to access Samsung mobile devices through the web and to install and test applications on the devices. Interaction with the device is performed over the network in real time allowing you to comprehensively test your application before distributing it.

The service works with a credit policy which is outlined below,

  • 20 credits are provided to each Samsung Developer user every day.
  • With 1 credit, users can use the Remote Test Lab service for 15 minutes.
  • Minimum reservation: 30 minutes
  • Maximum reservation: 10 hours a day

You can choose to reserve a particular device , have screen capture and recording functionality, have the ability to automate testing, share screen/session and several other useful functionality, however there are a few drawbacks of it as well, for instance, audio, additional peripherals, multi-touch and camera is not supported. Still, this can be a very helpful service for developers with limited access to real devices to test their apps on. The service provides both Android and Tizen devices.

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