Rebound : Spring Animations for Android

Spring Animations for Android - Rebound Library

Rebound is an open source library from Facebook, that models spring dynamics. You can use Rebound spring models to create animations that feel natural by introducing real world physics to it. Even though it is not a general purpose physics library, you can use spring dynamics to drive a wide variety of animations. The library is easy to integrate and can be used as a building block for creating more complex components like pagers, toggles, and scrollers. It uses the same spring constants as Origami, which makes it easy to convert Origami interaction mockups directly into your Android application.


Install/import with Gradle

Instructions for Gradle

Add the below dependency,

dependencies {
 compile 'com.facebook.rebound:rebound:0.3.3'
Install/import with Maven

Instructions for Maven

Add the below dependency,

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