Parceler : Android Parcelables Made Easy

Parcelables are a great way to serialize Java objects between Contexts. Parcelables take on the order of 10x less time to both serialize and deserialize compared to traditional serialization. But Parcelables also involve a huge amount of boilerplate code.

Parceler is a code generation library that generates the Android Parcelable boilerplate source code. Simply annotate a POJO (Plain Old Java Object) with @Parcel and Parceler does the rest. You no longer have to implement the Parcelable interface, the writeToParcel() or createFromParcel() or the public static final CREATOR.


Install/import with Gradle

Instructions for Gradle

Add the following to your build.gradle,

compile "org.parceler:parceler-api:${parcelerVersion}"
provided "org.parceler:parceler:${parcelerVersion}"
Install/import with Maven

Instructions for Maven

Add it as a Maven dependency,

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  • Price : Free
  • License : Apache License, Version 2.0
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