OAK Android Kit


OAK is a pack of tools and components that aims to help in Android development by addressing various common hurdles/problems. It consists of the following:

  • Pinned Header List view
  • SectionAdapter with Pinned Headers
  • ResizedTextView (Auto-resizing textview)
  • CancelEditText, which is an EditText that lets you specify a tappable drawable to clear the field
  • TextViewWithFont (use custom fonts)
  • ObscuredSharedPreferences (encrypted shared preferences)
  • BeastViewPager (ViewPager that works with SlideMenu or inside a ListView Header)
  • OkHttpTool (OkHttp UrlConnection wrapper)
  • SwankyImageView (Easy Pinch and Zoom on ImageViews)
  • And various utility methods aimed at making development easier
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