Nokia Imaging SDK for Windows Phone

Nokia Imaging SDK is a powerful library of image manipulation tools which developers can use to develop imaging apps for Windows Phone 8 and Windows 8.1 devices. Built with the technology that powers Nokia’s own imaging applications such as the Creative Studio, the Nokia Imaging SDK is designed to provide better performance with a low memory footprint. The library helps with basic and advanced image manipulations and operations such as decoding and encoding JPEG images, cropping, resizing, applying filters and effects etc. Some of the notable features of the library are,

  • Partial JPEG decoding; which lets you access image data without decoding a whole JPEG image, thereby providing a way to implement fast previews, application of effects etc. In simple terms it means that you will be able to apply effects to high resolution images, without worrying about your memory budget.
  • The library is also available on Windows 8.1 as a single codebase with no API breaks (so you can reuse a lot of your code when porting across Windows and Windows Phone).
  • Nokia Imaging SDK features more than 50 basic to advanced effects, filters, and enhancements such as auto-enhance, brightness, chromakey,lens blur, single image HDR etc. You can also create your own custom filters.
  • Provides easier access to camera functionality with the Camera Helper API.
  • It also features unlimited undo functionality.


Install/import with Nuget

Instructions for Nuget

To install Nokia Imaging SDK, run the following command in the Package Manager Console,

PM> Install-Package NokiaImagingSDK
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