Mechanoid : Eclipse Code Generator Plugin


Mechanoid is an Eclipse Plugin sporting a set of code generators for Android driven by Simple DSL’s (Domain Specific Languages) with full Eclipse Editor Support. It is aimed at aiding rapid development of Android applications and consists of the following¬†components

  • Mechanoid DB : A code generator for generating sqlite backed content providers driven by a simple language (DSL) supporting most of the Sqlite language itself and some extra language constructs for configuration and managing schema migrations.
  • Mechanoid Net : A JSON over REST service client code generator for Android driven by a language (DSL) to succinctly describe JSON over REST services.
  • Mechanoid Ops : A framework for defining and performing potentially long-running asynchronous operations, decoupled from your UI.
  • Mechanoid Prefs : Mechanoid Prefs provides a simple way to access Android Shared Preferences.
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