IntentKit : The iOS Tool for Inter-App Linking


Linking to third-party apps from your app/action can be a potentially tedious task. You need to check if an (or more than one) application capable of handling a particular action is installed, list the apps that supports the action so the user can choose the app he/she wants to perform the action with and also provide an option to remember that preference.

IntentKit is a library that makes it easier to link to other apps. For users, it provides a nice selection interface to choose which third-party app to perform an action with. For developers, it provides an API based on semantic actions. With IntentKit you don’t need to check which applications a user has installed or construct URLs manually, it will automatically query the device for you to figure out what applications are available to perform a given action. It provides a unified, human-readable repository of third-party URL schemes.¬†You can also extend IntentKit to add your own URL scheme.

Check out the example project included in the repo to see the library in action.




Add IntentKit to your Podfile,

pod "IntentKit"
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