Ignition : Kick-start Android Application Development


Ignition helps you getting your Android applications off the ground quickly, by offering ready-to-use components and utility classes that wrap a lot of the boilerplate that’s involved when writing Android apps. Ignition covers the following areas,

  • UI components such as widgets, adapters, dialogs, and more
  • An HTTP wrapper library that allows you to write simple yet robust networking code
  • A class to load remote images off the web and cache them
  • A simple caching framework
  • Helper classes for easier API level backwards compatibility, Intents, diagnostics, and more
  • A friendlier and more robust implementation of AsyncTask

Ignition is split up into three sub-projects that are ignition-core (Android library project that is compiled straight into your apps. This allows you to re-use views and shared resources right in your own code), ignition-support (A java library project, deployed as an ordinary JAR. It contains most of the utility classes), ignition-location (Android AspectJ library project that is compiled straight into your apps. It allows your location-aware applications to always have the most recent location without the need to handle location updates within your Activity).

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  • Price : Free
  • License : Apache License, Version 2.0
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