greenDAO : Android ORM for SQLite


greenDAO is a fast ORM solution for Android that maps objects to SQLite databases. It is optimized for Android to offer great performance and minimal memory consumption. Developing with SQLite in Android may require a lot of additional work. Writing SQL and parsing the query results can often be a tedious task. greenDAO helps Android developers in working with data stored in SQLite. It maps Java objects to database tables which allows you to store, update, delete, and query for Java objects using a simple object oriented API. It generates the Java data objects (entities) and DAO objects (which are tailored to the entities allowing the best possible mapping). This can save the developers a lot of time and effort. greenDAO is one of the fastest ORM for Android and boosts of easy to use APIs.

greenDAO also lets you persist protocol buffer (protobuf) objects directly into the database. So, you don’t need another mapping if you talk via protobuf to your server.¬†With a size of less than 100k for the core library, it is also lightweight compared to various other Android ORM libraries and will not bloat your APK size.

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