FreeStreamer : Streaming Audio Player Engine for iOS

FreeStreamer - iOS streaming audio player engine

FreeStreamer is an audio player engine for iOS and OS X. The engine, which features a minimal UI for demonstration is designed for playing audio streams. It is written in C++ and the FSAudioController Objective-C class wraps the implementation. Its features include the following,

  • It is fast and has low memory footprint
  • It supports ShoutCast and IceCast audio streams and standard HTTP
  • It detects the stream type based on the content type
  • Supports interruptions such as a phone call during playing the stream
  • Has support for Podcast RSS feeds
  • Allows stream contents to be stored in a file
  • It includes a frequency analyzer and visualization




Add the following to your Podfile,

pod 'FreeStreamer', '~> 2.1'
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