CommonsWare Android Components (CWAC)

The CommonsWare Android Components (CWAC) is a set of open source libraries that helps in solving various tactical problems with Android development. Most CWAC components are available as a JAR file and as AAR artifacts in a CommonsWare repository. The components included are as follows:

cwac-adapter: Provides an AdapterWrapper, a wrapper class that, by default, delegates all ListAdapter methods to a wrapped ListAdapter.
cwac-anddown: Support for Markdown syntax in Android.
cwac-camera: Provides a CameraView and CameraFragment to simplify access to the native camera API.
cwac-colormixer: Color mixer widget, dialog, activity, and preference.
cwac-layouts: Android container classes for specialized situations.
cwac-masterdetail: A canned implementation of the master-detail pattern.
cwac-mediarouter: Provides a cross-port of media-related classes, like MediaRouteActionProvider, to the native action bar.
cwac-merge: A ListAdapter that blends multiple Views or ListAdapters into a single ListAdapter (MergeAdapter).
cwac-pager: Provides classes in support of ViewPager.
cwac-presentation: Provides classes in support of the Presentation engine in Android.
cwac-provider: Provides StreamProvider, an extended version of Google’s FileProvider.
cwac-richedit: RichEditText, an extended version of Google’s EditText.
cwac-sacklist: SackOfViewsAdapter, which accepts a list of View objects and presents them in a ListAdapter.
cwac-security: Utility classes to help app developers with security.
cwac-strictmodeex: Utility classes to help app developers find out where they are spending too much time on the main application thread.
cwac-wakeful: Provides the WakefulIntentService, a refinement of the IntentService that keeps the device awake while background tasks are being processed.

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