Colours For iOS


Colours for iOS is a collection of predefined UIColors that you can use in your iOS apps. All you need to do is to include the files Colours.h/.m (you can also use Cocoapods) and you can take advantage of a collection of new colors. It allows you to easily use the predefined colors or manipulate colors using the color helper methods (Hex String to and from a UIColor, RGBA Array to and from a UIColor, Generating white or black that contrasts with a UIColor etc). You can also create a 5-color scheme based off of a UIColor.


Usage instructions for IDEs/Tools

Instructions for Misc. Platform/IDE/Tools


Drag the included UIColor+Colours.h and UIColor+Colours.m files into your project. They are located in the top-level directory.

#import “UIColor+Colours.h” into the classes you want to use this category in and you’re all set.




pod 'Colours', '~> 3.1'
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