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mmpaper 0


Inspired From Paper by Facebook, an approach to simulate the Facebook Paper app.

ARAnalytics-for-ios 0


ARAnalytics is a analytics abstraction library offering a sane API for tracking events and user data.

InMobi Games Monetization 0


InMobi is a widely used monetization solution for your games. It offers a wide range of ad formats, analytics and monetization tools for your app business. It offers the widest choice of ad experiences...

google-analytics-android-ios-mobile-sdk 0

Google Analytics SDK for Android & iOS

The Google Analytics SDK for mobile platforms makes it easy for native Android and iOS developers to collect user engagement data from their applications. Use the Google Analytics reports to measure the number of...

apjoy-ad-network-mobile 0


Tapjoy is a mobile performance-based advertising platform. It has a reach of more than 451MM (December, 2013) mobile users each month and it enables users to receive premium content in exchange for their engagement...

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MoPub is a hosted ad serving solution built specifically for mobile publishers. MoPub’s consolidated ad serving platform gives app publishers the ultimate in monetization flexibility. You can manage your whole advertising stack: from 1st...

Admob - App Monetization 0

AdMob : Monetize, Promote and Analyze your Apps

AdMob is one of the largest mobile advertising networks. It is one of the most popular ways to monetize mobile apps. It serves ads from over a million Google advertisers worldwide. As a publisher...

app-mockup-placeit 0

Placeit : App Screenshots in Realistic Environments

Placeit is an online tool to generate app screenshots in realistic environments. It has a huge collection of high quality images of devices in different settings and people using  devices. The screens of the...