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Nomad : Command Line Utilities for iOS Development 0

Nomad : Command Line Utilities for iOS Development

Nomad is a set of useful command line utilities for iOS development. It consists of the following: Cupertino (Apple Dev Center management) : Helps you with administrative tasks that you would normally have to...

Native iOS App in Java with robovm 0

RoboVM : Create native iOS apps in Java

RoboVM lets you develop native iOS apps using native UIs and with full hardware access, in Java. It translates Java bytecode into native ARM or x86 code. Its Java to Objective-C bridge makes it...

ios-gen 0

GroundControl : Remote Configuration For iOS

GroundControl provides you with a simple way to remotely configure your app, allowing you to add things like feature flags, impromptu A/B tests, or a simple “message of the day”. It is built on...