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CamScanner 0


Simulation to CamScanner app with Custom Camera and Crop Rect Validation

MMTransitionEffect 0


This is Extension Of RSTransitionEffect Transformed From (Frame based animation) to (Constraint Based Animation).

Translation-Util-Android-iOS 0

DexterApps Translation Util

DexterApps Translation Util is a simple utility that can take an Android project’s string.xml or iOS Project Localizable.strings file and automatically translate it for multiple languages. Dexterapps Translation Util uses Microsoft Translate API to...

LoremIpsum-for-ios 0


A simple lorem ipsum generator for iOS and OS X apps. It supports generating text in different formats (words, sentences, paragraphs), miscellaneous data (names, URLs, dates etc.) and placeholder images for both, iOS and...

Commando-ios-thumb 0


Navigate the iOS simulator with the keyboard.

Native iOS apps in ruby 0

RubyMotion – Ruby for iOS and OS X

RubyMotion is a revolutionary toolchain that lets you quickly develop and test native iOS and OS X applications for iPhone, iPad and Mac, all using the Ruby language. The apps are created and later...

StoryboardLint-ftimg 0

StoryboardLint : Lint Tool for UIStoryboard

A lint tool for UIStoryboard to find wrong classes and wrong storyboard/segue/reuse identifiers. With StoryboardLint, you can make sure that your code and your Storyboards are in sync (at least to a certain degree)....

xcode-ios-RestartLessOften 0


When programming an iOS or OS X application in Objective-C or Swift almost every minor parameter or code change requires a recompilation of the changed sources followed by an application restart to see the...

supertop-ft-img 0

Supertop Grid : A Grid Overlay for iOS Apps

Supertop Grid is a grid overlay for iOS apps. This tool can help align your interface to a grid, and easily spot layout issues during the development of your app. It will overlay every...

iOS-Build-Kit 0

iOS BuildKit

BuildKit is a modular command line interface for automating iOS project builds. It aims to relieve developers from the pain of configuring continuous integration environments and build processes. It is distributed as a Ruby...