Category: Testing & Debugging

OCDSpec2-for-ios 0


A testing library for Mac or iOS projects.

OCMockito-mock-lib-for-ios 0


An iOS and Mac OS X implementation of Mockito, supporting creation, verification and stubbing of mock objects.

NWPusher-for-ios 0


OS X and iOS application and framework to play with the Apple Push Notification service (APNs).

PonyDebugger-for-ios 0


PonyDebugger is a remote debugging toolset. It is a client library and gateway server combination that uses Chrome Developer Tools on your browser to debug your application’s network traffic and managed object contexts.

PTLViewDebugger-for-ios 0


PTLViewDebugger helps you debug your views by adding colored borders to your view hierarchy. Just use ptl_showDebugBorder to add a randomly colored border to the view or ptl_identifyViewLayout to add a border to the...

MBFaker-tool-for-ios 0


A port of Ruby’s Faker library that generates fake data. You can use it for taking real-looking test data, screenshots and populate your database during development.

PhysicsDebugger-for-ios-spritekit 0


Developing in iOS 7 Sprite Kit with physicsBodies is fun and easy. There are no debugging options for the physics engine. You will reach the point where you have to see the physicsBodies you...

SimulatorRemoteNotifications-ios 0


A library to send mock remote notifications to the iOS simulator. It extends UIApplication by embedding a mini server that listen for UDP packets containing JSON-formated payload, and a service to send notifications to...