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LoremIpsum-for-ios 0


A simple lorem ipsum generator for iOS and OS X apps. It supports generating text in different formats (words, sentences, paragraphs), miscellaneous data (names, URLs, dates etc.) and placeholder images for both, iOS and...

TheSidebarController-for-ios 0


A container view controller that implements different popular sidebar view controllers like Facebook, Airbnb, Flipboard, etc.

mobiledeeplinking-for-ios-android 0


Deeplinking is a methodology for launching a native mobile application via a link. It connects a unique url to a defined action in a mobile app, seamlessly linking users to relevant content.

LocationPickerView-thumb 0


MKMapView + UITableView + Parallax scrolling. Provides a framework for building an interactive location picker on iOS. This view is useful for when a list of scrollable, selectable locations need to be shown along...

MDMGiftAppActivity-for-ios 0


MDMGiftAppActivity is a UIActivity subclass that provides a “Gift App” action to a UIActivityViewController.

ReactiveCocoa-for-ios 0


ReactiveCocoa (RAC) is an Objective-C framework inspired by Functional Reactive Programming. It provides APIs for composing and transforming streams of values.

PBJNetworkObserver-for-ios 0


An iOS component for detecting changes in network reachability state as well as connection type. For example, it can determine when an IP is being routed through a Wireless Wide Area Network (WWAN) interface...