Category: APIs & SDKs

RedditKit-for-ios 0


RedditKit is a reddit API wrapper, written in Objective-C.

NZGoogleAnalytics-for-ios 0


Quickly and easily integration with Google Analytics API for iOS. Works on iOS 5.0+ version and is compatible with ARC projects.

ParcelKit-for-ios 0


ParcelKit integrates Core Data with Dropbox using the Dropbox Datastore API.

InstagramKit-for-ios 0


An extensive Objective C wrapper for the Instagram API. It is built atop AFNetworking’s blocks-based architecture and additionally parses the JSON response asynchronously so there’s absolutely no parsing on the main thread. It’s neat,...

JLTMDbClient-ios 0


An iOS wrapper on top of AFNetworking to interact with API.

google-maps-ios 0

Google Maps SDK for iOS

The Google Maps SDK for iOS lets you add maps based on Google maps data to your application. The SDK automatically handles access to the Google Maps servers, map display, and response to user...

evernote-sdk 0

Evernote SDK for Android & iOS

The Evernote SDK wraps the Evernote Cloud API and provides OAuth authentication functionality. To use this SDK you will need to obtain an Evernote API key. Detailed usage instructions can be found on the...

PayPal-mobile-SDK 0

PayPal Mobile SDKs For Android and iOS

The PayPal Mobile SDKs for Android and iOS provide native libraries for simple payment processing, making it easy for developers to  accept credit card and PayPal payments in their mobile apps. The SDKs take...

facebook-ios-sdk 0

Facebook SDK for iOS & Android

Integrate Facebook into your mobile app with the Facebook SDK for iOS and Android. The SDK allows users to publish to Facebook right from your app, sign in to your app with Facebook login,...