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res-resizer-tool-ios-android 0

Res Resizer

Res Resizer is a script that allows you to automatically process resource files for both Android and iOS projects. You can process an individual file or an entire folder. The script will process PNG...

EasyDefaultImages-ios 0


A simple and easy to use project to quickly generate Default launch images for your iOS applications.

ios stylesheets for UIView and others 0

Classy : Stylesheets for Native iOS Apps

Classy is a stylesheet system built from the ground up to work in harmony with UIKit. It borrows the best ideas from CSS and introduces new syntax, conventions and constructs where appropriate.

App Icon Resizer for iOS & Android 0

App Icon Resizer

A quick and simple service to create png images in all needed sizes for your app icon. Just drag and drop the original image on the upload area (or upload manually). The image is...

objective-c code generator from vector graphics : Qwarkee 0

Qwarkee : Vector Graphics to Objective-C Code

Qwarkee takes vector graphics created in Adobe Illustrator and converts them to pure Objective-c code ready to use in your project. iOS and OSX developers can save hours of coding time using this utility.

paintcode - code generator from drawing ios 0

PaintCode : Turn Drawings into Code

PaintCode lets you turn your drawings into code. Design controls, icons and other graphic elements with its vector drawing tools (or import SVG,PSD files) and PaintCode would generate Objective-C, Swift or C# Xamarin code...

Mobile app wireframe and website mockup tool 0


Create and share wireframe design for mobile apps with NinjaMock. It makes it easy to collect feedback on your wireframes from anyone from your colleagues to customers.  The stencils are sketchy on purpose as...