Category: Animations

JTMaterial 0


An iOS transition for controllers based on material design. With CocoaPods, add this line to your Podfile. pod ‘JTMaterialTransition’, ‘~> 1.0’

MMTransitionEffect 0


This is Extension Of RSTransitionEffect Transformed From (Frame based animation) to (Constraint Based Animation).

AFViewShaker-thumb 0


AFViewShaker is simple as a brick utility for UIView shake animation.

Spring-ios-animations 0


A library to simplify iOS animations in Swift.

RSTransitionEffect-thumb 0


Re-implement mayuur’s MJTransitionEffect and provide default data binding for UITableViewCell and detail view controller and solve the white screen problem.

JPSDisplayLink-thumb 0


JPSDisplayLink provides an easy block interface to CADisplayLink-based animations. This is ideal for animating properties that don’t support UIView-based animations like font size on a UILabel or UITextView.

ASAnyCurlController-thumb 0


ASAnyCurlController lets you implement Curl animation from any corner and in any direction. With ASAnyCurlController you are free to choose whether your up or down curl transition comes from the top, bottom, left and...

ASMediaFocusManager-thumb 0


ASMediaFocusManager gives the ability to focus on any thumbnail image by a simple tap. The thumbnail image is automatically animated to a focused fullscreen image view. Another tap on the focused view (or on...

TOMSMorphingLabel-thumb 0


Configurable morphing transitions between text values of a label. Triggering the animation is as easy as setting the labels text property.