Category: iOS

JTMaterial 0


An iOS transition for controllers based on material design. With CocoaPods, add this line to your Podfile. pod ‘JTMaterialTransition’, ‘~> 1.0’

CamScanner 0


Simulation to CamScanner app with Custom Camera and Crop Rect Validation

MMTransitionEffect 0


This is Extension Of RSTransitionEffect Transformed From (Frame based animation) to (Constraint Based Animation).

mmpaper 0


Inspired From Paper by Facebook, an approach to simulate the Facebook Paper app.

JTImageButton-for-ios 0


With the regular UIButton you are able to set title and also image for that button but that content WILL NOT be centered horizontally (only title will). JTImageButton is a UIButton subclass that makes...

Translation-Util-Android-iOS 0

DexterApps Translation Util

DexterApps Translation Util is a simple utility that can take an Android project’s string.xml or iOS Project Localizable.strings file and automatically translate it for multiple languages. Dexterapps Translation Util uses Microsoft Translate API to...

XLForm-thumb 0


XLForm is the most flexible and powerful iOS library to create dynamic table-view forms. The goal of the library is to get the same power of hand-made forms but spending 1/10 of the time....

AFViewShaker-thumb 0


AFViewShaker is simple as a brick utility for UIView shake animation.