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MaterialDialogBottomSheet is a custom dialog implementation to use BottomSheet MaterialView feature in pre Lollipop and latest versions of android It can be used with an ease by simply enabling dialog as a BottomSheet without...

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A powerful dependency management solution for Android/Java-based gradle build environments. It drastically reduces the complexity of build.gradle files while providing powerful and flexible dependency resolution on top of normal Gradle. It handles linking remote...

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Dex Method Counts

Simple tool to output per-package method counts in an Android DEX executable grouped by package, to aid in getting under the 65,536 referenced method limit. To run it with Ant: $ ant jar $...

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DexterApps Translation Util

DexterApps Translation Util is a simple utility that can take an Android project’s string.xml or iOS Project Localizable.strings file and automatically translate it for multiple languages. Dexterapps Translation Util uses Microsoft Translate API to...

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apk2gold : Easy-as-pie Android Decompiler

apk2gold is a CLI tool for decompiling Android apps to Java. It is basically a small amount of original content (the R.* thing) and a script wrapping some excellent 3rd-party tools. It is designed...

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Make screenshots of scrollable screen contents on Android. This tool makes a number of screenshots, scrolling screen content automatically between each shot. By default status bar and navigation bar are included only once.

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AIDE : Android IDE

AIDE is a complete integrated development environment for your Android device. With AIDE, you can develop Android Apps, Java Applications or PhoneGap Apps with Java, C/C++, HTML5, CSS and JavaScript. It features Dropbox and...

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Codota helps you find useful Android and Java code snippets. It is also available as a Chrome extension.