Category: Testing & Debugging

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ANR WatchDog

A simple watchdog that detects Android ANR (Application Not Responding) error and throws a meaningful exception. There is currently no way for an android application to catch and report ANR errors. If your application is...

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A memory leak detection library for Android and Java.

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Ghost Log is an Android application that displays the device logcat buffer in a system overlay window.

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Puree is a log collector which provides some features like below Filtering: Enable to interrupt process before sending log. You can add common params to logs, or the sampling of logs. Buffering: Store logs...

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Simple,pretty and powerful logger for android. It provides, Thread information Class information Method information Pretty-print for json content Pretty-print for new line “\n” Clean output Jump to source

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LogRabbit is the essential logcat viewer for Android developers. LogRabbit monitors Android device logs in real time quickly and efficiently. Smooth scrolling and auto scroll lock help take the hassle out of dealing with...

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Bee is a QA/Debug tool that works like a widget in any application. The idea is to add some features/options to developer and QA to configure the app, get some information. Bee works like...

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Provides a simple way to see shared preferences and edit them for test. No need to pull shared preferences. Just some simple clicks to see the values stored. Also with test mode to change...