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Quickly convert a JSON string to an entity class.

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Gradle Github Plugin

Gradle plugin for Github releases. You can fully automate releases via gradle-github-plugin.

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Allows to have a nice Material-Design look&feel for API 7 and above for the PreferenceActivity, including most commonly used preferences and also showing the actionBar. All the dialogs are using the support library’s dialogs,...

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ANR WatchDog

A simple watchdog that detects Android ANR (Application Not Responding) error and throws a meaningful exception. There is currently no way for an android application to catch and report ANR errors. If your application is...

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A multi-purpose Groovy library containing view injection and threading for Android using annotations. It’s based on both ButterKnife and AndroidAnnotations. With SwissKnife you can: Inject views dynamically on any Object as long a you...

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LitePal is an Open Source Android library that allows developers to use SQLite database extremely easy. You can finish most of the database operations without writing even a SQL statement, including create or upgrade...

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Android DialogFragments

Various DialogFragments for Android. Traditional and material style. AlertDialogFragment ProgressDialogFragment DatePickerDialogFragment TimePickerDialogFragment NumberPickerDialogFragment StringPickerDialogFragment

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Android LiteHttp

LiteHttp is a simple, intelligent and flexible HTTP client for Android. With LiteHttp you can make HTTP request with only one line of code! It supports GET, POST, PUT, DELETE, HEAD, TRACE, OPTIONS and...