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A library mimics the circles used in optic forms.

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SuperSLiM is a configurable layout manager for a RecyclerView. It provides a vertical scrolling list of sections. Each section is a grouping of one or more views, arranged by a section layout manager (SLM)....

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An android library that allows selection of multiple images from gallery. It shows an initial album (buckets) chooser and then images in selected album. Can limit the number of images that can be selected....

QRCodeReaderView-for-Android 0


Modification of ZXING Barcode Scanner project for easy Android QR-Code detection in portrait mode and AR purposes. This project implements an Android view which show camera and notify when there’s a QR code inside...

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An in-memory data store backed by shared preferences, for Android. This is a key-value store with some nice properties: Speed. Everything is loaded into memory so reads can happen on the UI thread. Writes...

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Android library to backport Material design and allow changing colors at run-time. It supports Android 4.0+ (minSdkVersion=”14″).

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Wrapper for Android SharedPreferences with object serialization and RxJava Observables.