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LitePal is an Open Source Android library that allows developers to use SQLite database extremely easy. You can finish most of the database operations without writing even a SQL statement, including create or upgrade...

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This project is a code generator written in Java used to generate Android code. Given a database schema JSON definition file, it will generate all the code you need to add the corresponding ContentProvider...

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RushOrm for Android replaces the need for SQL by mapping java classes to SQL tables. The aim is to abstract away all SQLite interaction under a very simple interface to make object storage incredibly quick...

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A lightweight wrapper around SQLiteOpenHelper which introduces reactive stream semantics to SQL operations.

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Cursor Utils

Working with Android SQLite Cursors is less than ideal. Code can easily be duplicated throughout your codebase if you’re not careful to keep the translation of SQLite columns into Java objects. Iterating across the...

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A robust, powerful, and very simple ORM android database library with annotation processing. The library eliminates the need for writing most SQL statements, writing ContentValues for every table, converting cursors into models, and so...

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SnappyDB is a key-value database for Android. It’s an alternative for SQLite if you want to use a NoSQL approach. It allows you to store and get primitive types, but also a Serializable object...

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Compile-time active record ORM for Android.

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Shillelagh : Android ORM

Shillelagh is an sqlite library. It was built to make life easier. The entire library was built around simplicity when using sqlite in Android.

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Realm is a mobile database: a replacement for SQLite & Core Data. It can save you thousands of lines of code and weeks of work, and lets you craft amazing new user experiences. Realm...