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Application frameworks and app templates that help you get started with developing a new application quickly and with less effort.

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Paginize is a light-weight framework for Android, which eases development of Android applications with complex UI structures. Paginize makes use of Java annotations to inject layouts and views, layouts and Pages can be inherited,...

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The jdroid Framework provides a programming and architectural model for modern Java-based enterprise and android applications. Lots of android widgets, http layer and libs integrations are the key features of jdroid.

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Android Studio Templates

A small collection of Android Studio templates for Android development. It contains the template SwipeRefreshLayout (creates a new blank activity with a SwipeRefreshLayout) and custom (contains some useful common templates such as Array Adapter, Array Adapter...

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Android Templates and Utilities

Android Templates And Utilities is a collection of source codes, utilities, templates and snippets for Android development. It helps to build new apps and shows the best way how to implement certain problems on...

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DroidParts Android Framework

DroidParts is an Android framework that includes Dependency Injection (injection of views, fragments, services etc.), ORM (efficient persistence utilizing Cursors & fluent API), EventBus, simple JSON (de)serialization, improved AsyncTask & IntentService with Exceptions &...

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Ignition : Kick-start Android Application Development

Ignition helps you getting your Android applications off the ground quickly, by offering ready-to-use components and utility classes that wrap a lot of the boilerplate that’s involved when writing Android apps. Ignition covers the...