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AndroidProguardScala-eclipse-plugin 0

AndroidProguardScala Eclipse Plugin

AndroidProguardScala is an Eclipse plugin that speeds up the development process when you’re using Scala on Android. Scala + Android requires a Proguard run on every build which can be slow. This plugin watches...

Android for Maven Eclipse Plugin 0

Android for Maven Eclipse

Android for Maven Eclipse (m2e-android) is a Maven Eclipse extension that adds Maven support to the Android Developer Tools (ADT). It brings the power of Maven dependency management into the ADT. You can install...

Gradle Retrolambda Plugin for Java & Android 0

Gradle Retrolambda Plugin

A gradle plugin that will automatically build your java or android project with retrolambda, giving you lambda goodness on java 6 or 7. Requires android gradle plugin 0.8+. Usage is pretty simple. Download jdk8...

ButterKnife Android Studio plug-in 0


A simple Android Studio/IDEA plug-in for generating ButterKnife view injections from selected layout XML.

mechanoid-eclipse-plugin 0

Mechanoid : Eclipse Code Generator Plugin

Mechanoid is an Eclipse Plugin sporting a set of code generators for Android driven by Simple DSL’s (Domain Specific Languages) with full Eclipse Editor Support. It is aimed at aiding rapid development of Android...

android-auto-selector 0

SelectorChapek for Android

SelectorChapek for Android is a plugin for Android Studio that automatically generates drawable selectors from appropriately named Android resources. It is also very easy to use, just right click your resources folder and click...