Category: Plugins & Extensions

gradle-android-manifestreplace-plugin 0

Manifestreplace Plugin

Gradle plugin to add more placeholders to your manifest.xml. The android-plugin uses manifestPlaceholders to replace placeholders in your manifest, but only in some places. You cannot put a placeholder to add a full activity...

AARLinkSources-thumb 0

AARLinkSources Plugin

The AARLinkSources Plugin is designed to attach sources for .aar dependencies in AndroidStudio.

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SDK Manager Plugin

SDK Manager Plugin is a gradle plugin which downloads and manages your Android SDK so you dont’ have to worry about typical issues such as SDK missing, outdated support library, missing API level etc....

adb-idea-and-studio-plugin 0

ADB Idea

A plugin for Android Studio and Intellij IDEA that speeds up your day to day android development. Supported commands are: Uninstall App Kill App Start App Restart App Clear App Data Clear App Data...

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Gradle Android Maven plugin

Modification to the standard Maven plugin to be compatible with android-library projects (aar). Just apply the android-maven plugin in your android-library project. Also add the plugin classpath dependency to the buildScript. buildscript { repositories...

jenkins-android-lint-plugin 0

Android Lint Plugin

Android Lint is a tool which scans your Android projects and reports on potential bugs, performance, security and translation issues, plus more. This Jenkins plugin parses XML reports produced by running lint, analyses them...

Android Emulator Plugin for Jenkins 0

Android Emulator Plugin for Jenkins

The Android Emulator Plugin for Jenkins automates many Android development tasks including SDK installation, build file generation, emulator creation and launch, APK (un)installation, monkey testing and analysis etc. It requires Jenkins version 1.466 or...

Maven Android SDK Deployer 0

Maven Android SDK Deployer

Maven Android SDK Deployer is a tool to install components of the Android SDK to use with the Maven Android Plugin. It is a helper maven project that can be used to install the...

Android Studio Unit Test Plugin 0

Android Studio Unit Test Plugin

Android Studio IDE support for Android gradle unit tests. This plugin will mark test directories and resolve testCompile dependencies. It also sets up the correct system properties so that Robolectric will work if you...