Category: Plugins & Extensions

gradle-play-publisher 0

Gradle Play Publisher

Gradle plugin to upload your APK and app details to the Google Play Store. Needs the plugin applied. Supports the Android Application Plugin as of version 1.0.0.

AndroidLocalizationer-Img 0


An Android Studio/ IntelliJ IDEA plugin to localize your Android app, translate your string resources automatically.

ParcelablePlease-Android 0


An AnnotationProcessor for generating Android Parcelable boilerplate code.

AndroidAccessors-thumb 0


Android convention dictates that private member variables be prefaced with an ‘m’, but the default code generation Getter and Setter doesn’t handle this so gracefully. AndroidAccessors provides an alternative which generates much cleaner external...

gradle-build-time-tracker-plugin 0

Build Time Tracker

Gradle plugin to continuously track and report your build times. Features sortable bar chart summaries, CSV output and daily and total summary.

gradle-material-icons 0

Gradle Material Design Icons Plugin

A gradle plugin for Android to handle material design icons Google published. It copies specified icons from the material design icon repository into your application allowing you to focus on the png icons only....

gradle-advanced-build-version 0

Gradle Advanced Build Version Plugin

A plugin to generate the Android version code and version name automatically. Add the advanced-build-version plugin to your build script and use the property advancedVersioning.versionName and advancedVersioning.versionCode where you need: buildscript { repositories {...

gradle-robojava-plugin 0

Gradle Robojava Plugin

A Gradle plugin that allows simple integration of Robolectric into Android Studio. This plugin works by creating a stub java project. This allows extending it with powerful plugins that are compatible with gradle java...