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MaterialDialogBottomSheet is a custom dialog implementation to use BottomSheet MaterialView feature in pre Lollipop and latest versions of android It can be used with an ease by simply enabling dialog as a BottomSheet without...

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Quickly convert a JSON string to an entity class.

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Gradle Github Plugin

Gradle plugin for Github releases. You can fully automate releases via gradle-github-plugin.

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A Leiningen plugin to simplify Clojure development for Android platform. It acts as a build-tool for Clojure/Android projects.

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Lint Cleaner Plugin

A Gradle Plugin that removes unused resources reported by Android lint including strings, colors and dimensions.

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Android SDK Plugin for SBT

An easy-to-use sbt plugin for working with all Android projects. The plugin supports normal android projects and projects that reference library projects. 3rd party libraries can be included by placing them in libs as...

androidsvgdrawable-plugin-gradle-maven 0

Android SVG Drawable plugin

Gradle & Maven plugin that generates qualified, density specific PNG drawables from SVG files at build time for your Android projects. The only thing you have to do is to provide one or more...

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A Gradle plugin to help you keep track of how much time you spend waiting for builds to finish.