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MultiSelectRecyclerGalleryGridView 0


MultiSelectRecyclerGalleryGridView is a custom sample application which displays the Gallery images from the device in a more organised manner by displaying images in a categorized manner. (i.e Showing Album wise images in a folders...

MaterialDialogBottomSheet 0


MaterialDialogBottomSheet is a custom dialog implementation to use BottomSheet MaterialView feature in pre Lollipop and latest versions of android It can be used with an ease by simply enabling dialog as a BottomSheet without...

Android Uninstall 0


Batch uninstall Android apps using this very convenient script. Just supply a package name (or part of it) and the script will take care of the uninstallation. Very useful when: You pick a shared...

DynamicCalendar-for-Android 0


DynamicCalendar library generates a custom calendar icon based on the date you provide. You can also change the background template of the generated date icon. You can specify the font’s typeface, size, position, color...

yield-layout-android 0


YieldLayout works opposite of <include/> so you can combine one layout around another instead of inside it. After it does it’s magic, you will have 0 extra views in your layout hierarchy, just like...

android-json-form-wizard 0

Android Json Wizard

Android Json Wizard is a library for creating beautiful form based wizards within your app just by defining json in a particular format.