Category: Android Views/UI Components

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This is a very simple library for Android that allows you to stick an header to a ListView and easily apply animation to it.

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UltimateRecyclerView is a RecyclerView(advanced and flexible version of ListView) with pulling to refresh, loading more, swiping to dismiss, draging and drop, animations ,sticky header,show or hide toolbar and FAB when scrolling and many other...

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Android simple listview by using linearlayout. The problem You need to add a few items and you don’t want the scroll feature You have a scrollview and you want to show a few items...

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Material Design Library

This library helps developers creating their Android Application with Material Design. It offers a lot of Material Design classes easy to use like a CardView or a NavigationDrawerActivity that creates an Activity with a...

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Scrollable : Android Scrollable Tabs

This library encapsulates scrolling logic when implementing scrolling tabs (hot topic nowadays in Android development). It saves us from unpleasant routine aka addHeader, addFooter for every scrolling content which appears in tabs and synchronising...

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PagerDatePicker is a library for Android which allows to setup horizontal (for now;)) date list picker. It is a combination of few main Android components: