Category: Android Views/UI Components

HeaderRecyclerView-for-Android 0


HeaderRecyclerView is an Android library created to be able to use RecyclerView.Adapter with a header in a easy way. To use this library create your RecyclerView.Adapter classes extending from HeaderRecyclerViewAdapter.

WPEditText-material-edittext 0


Material design inspired EditText with icon support and validation included.

MaterialTabs-Android 0


An easy-to-integrate tab bar for Android that completely respects the Material Design guidelines and supports all versions of Android since API 9!

AnimateCheckBox-thumb 0


A custom view in Android with a animation when CheckBox status changed.

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SuperRecyclerView : Pumped up RecyclerView

This is an attempt to make RecyclerView easier to use. Features built in: ProgressBar while adapter hasn’t been set EmptyView if adapter is empty SwipeRefreshLayout (Google’s one) Infinite scrolling, when you reach the X...

ExRecyclerView-for-Android 0


Extended RecyclerView, with header, footer and other features.

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Backport MultiSelectListPreference class to older android devices. Originally MultiSelectListPreference was introduced to API level 11 (Honeycomb). And official support package does not include this class. This library introduces compatible class of MultiSelectListPreference.

MultiSpinner-for-Android 0


Android Spinner Widget with multi selectable list. MultiSpinner is a class with can be used by Android developers that need a spinner widget with multi selection capabilities. When the user touches on the spinner...