Category: Animations

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TiltEffect is a library which implements a view with a tilt effect like on W8.

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Android Easing

A light weight android easing library. There are different easing classes you can use including; Back, Bounce, Circ, Cubic, Elastic, Sine, Linear etc.

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An Android library for using the Transitions API released with Android KitKat on older versions of Android. The API is exactly the same as the Transitions API, you just need to change your imports...

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Android MarqueeView

MarqueeView which supports custom timings. It can be used to fine-tune the animation speed and the pause between each movement.

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Titanic : Sinking TextView

Implement a sinking TextView in Android with Titanic. It works by applying an animated translation on the TextView TextPaint Shader’s matrix (a more detailed explanation is available on the project page).

Spring Animations for Android - Rebound Library 0

Rebound : Spring Animations for Android

Rebound is an open source library from Facebook, that models spring dynamics. You can use Rebound spring models to create animations that feel natural by introducing real world physics to it. Even though it...

Flip 3D View Animation and Transition 0

Flip 3D View Animation and Transition

Create awesome looking 3D view transition in your android applications. The project consists of an animation subclass that allows for a 3D flip animation and a library that takes a ViewAnimator and animates a...

Shimmer Animation for Android 0

Shimmer for Android

Shimmer for Android is an Android TextView with a shimmering effect. It is an Android port of the Facebook Shimmer library for iOS. It can be used to show a loading indicator, a highlighted...

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FoldableLayout : Android Folding Animation

FoldableLayout is an Android library that implements folding animation. Watch the demo video or install the demo app from play store to see the animation in action. A sample project is included in the...