Category: Design

MultiSelectRecyclerGalleryGridView 0


MultiSelectRecyclerGalleryGridView is a custom sample application which displays the Gallery images from the device in a more organised manner by displaying images in a categorized manner. (i.e Showing Album wise images in a folders...

MaterialDialogBottomSheet 0


MaterialDialogBottomSheet is a custom dialog implementation to use BottomSheet MaterialView feature in pre Lollipop and latest versions of android It can be used with an ease by simply enabling dialog as a BottomSheet without...

AutoLinearLayout-for-Android 0


Custom layout that arranges views in rows and columns automatically. Takes care about padding, margins, gravity and layout child gravities.

ExpandableView-thumb 0


ExpandableView is a View showing only a content and when clicked on it, it displays more content in a fashion way. You can add views or viewgroups but remember that it will only display...

JumpingBeans-for-Android 0


A Span-based library to make your text jump like Mexican beans. Oh, and the “…”s in Hangouts. (the fancy, nice jumping suspension dots that Hangouts uses to indicate that someone is typing, or some...