Category: Android Wear

WearMenu-for-AndroidWear-lib 0


WearMenu is an Android Wear Menu implementation.

WearViewStub-for-Android 0


WearViewStub allow your Android Wear application to use different layouts if running on square, round or moto360 device. WearViewStub is an alternative implementation of Android Wear WatchViewStub. Instead of Google WatchViewStub, this implementation allways...

DaVinci-for-Android-Wear 0


DaVinci is an image downloading and caching library for Android Wear.

clockwise-android 0


Clockwise is a watch face framework for Android Wear developed by ustwo. It extends the Android Wear Watch Face API and provides base classes and helpers for quickly and correctly developing watch faces. This...

BusWear 0


BusWear is a simple library for EventBus to support Android Wear devices. Just adding one line of code lets you get synchronized event buses on Wear and mobile platform.