Category: Android

AndroidTagView 0


An Android TagView library. You can customize awesome TagView by using this library.

OkBuck 0


OkBuck is a gradle plugin, aiming to help developers utilize the super fast build system: BUCK, based on the existing project with Android Studio + gradle, and keep both build systems work, with less...

Android TDD Bootstrap Project 0

Android TDD Bootstrap Project

An Android TDD bootstrap project, use a collection of new technology, obey best practices, inspired from some popular architectures, develop with many handy tools.

MultiSelectRecyclerGalleryGridView 0


MultiSelectRecyclerGalleryGridView is a custom sample application which displays the Gallery images from the device in a more organised manner by displaying images in a categorized manner. (i.e Showing Album wise images in a folders...

MaterialDialogBottomSheet 0


MaterialDialogBottomSheet is a custom dialog implementation to use BottomSheet MaterialView feature in pre Lollipop and latest versions of android It can be used with an ease by simply enabling dialog as a BottomSheet without...

Android Uninstall 0


Batch uninstall Android apps using this very convenient script. Just supply a package name (or part of it) and the script will take care of the uninstallation. Very useful when: You pick a shared...

AutoLinearLayout-for-Android 0


Custom layout that arranges views in rows and columns automatically. Takes care about padding, margins, gravity and layout child gravities.

DynamicCalendar-for-Android 0


DynamicCalendar library generates a custom calendar icon based on the date you provide. You can also change the background template of the generated date icon. You can specify the font’s typeface, size, position, color...