Category: Android

gradle-material-icons 0

Gradle Material Design Icons Plugin

A gradle plugin for Android to handle material design icons Google published. It copies specified icons from the material design icon repository into your application allowing you to focus on the png icons only....

codota-android 0


Codota helps you find useful Android and Java code snippets. It is also available as a Chrome extension.

LolliPin 0


A Lollipop material design styled android pincode library (API 10+).

gradle-advanced-build-version 0

Gradle Advanced Build Version Plugin

A plugin to generate the Android version code and version name automatically. Add the advanced-build-version plugin to your build script and use the property advancedVersioning.versionName and advancedVersioning.versionCode where you need: buildscript { repositories {...

MrVector 0

Mr. Vector

AKA VectorDrawableCompat: A 7+ backport of VectorDrawable.

singleton-android-library 0


A library that enables you to create on-demand singletons within your application and easily store them to disk. Utilizing a dead-simple API, this library makes creating singletons and persisting data much more fun.

snackbar-android-library 0


Android Library that implements Snackbars from Google’s Material Design documentation.

probe 0

Probe : Dissect Layout Traversals on Android

Probe is a small library that allows you to intercept view method calls during Android’s layout traversals e.g. onMeasure(), onLayout(), onDraw(), etc. Once a method call is intercepted, you can either do extra things...