Category: Android

saguaro-android-license-version-lib 0


An Android library to make it easier to add version information and licensing information, and facilitate sending feedback.

gradle-build-time-tracker-plugin 0

Build Time Tracker

Gradle plugin to continuously track and report your build times. Features sortable bar chart summaries, CSV output and daily and total summary.

Android-ActionButton 0

Android ActionButton

A simple library to create a toast like button in the bottom right corner of your app’s activity.

Squad-leader 0

Squad Leader

If you do any serious Android development, you’ve probably used ProGuard to obfuscate, optimise and shrink your application. In that case it’s also very likely that ProGuarding your app has broken your release builds,...

ViewPagerTransforms-thumb 0


Library containing common animations needed for transforming ViewPager scrolling on Android v13+. This library is a rewrite of the JazzyViewPager library and owes credit of the animation concepts directly to its source. The purpose...

android-widget-keyboardless-edittext 0


A native Android EditText, except that no keyboard will appear when user interacts with it. All other edit operations still work. Users will still have the ability to select, cut, copy, and paste using...