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droidQuery is an Android port of jQuery, and is designed to be as syntactically alike as possible in Java. jQuery provides magic for allowing the simultaneous manipulation of a set of UI entities (using...

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EasyMock is a Java library that provides an easy way to use Mock Objects in unit testing. It provides Mock Objects by generating them on the fly using Java’s proxy mechanism.

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Android Beacon Library

Android Beacon Library allows Android devices to use beacons much like iOS devices do. An app can request to get notifications when one or more beacons appear or disappear. An app can also request...

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Bot-bot is an Opensource android automation testing tool. Bot-bot only needs an apk of the application that needs to be tested. It integrates itself automatically to the application for recording and test execution purpose....

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JTwitter : Java library for using Twitter

JTwitter is a Java library providing easy access to the Twitter API. Set and get your status, manage your network of friends, message friends, maintain lists, etc. It Includes work-arounds for rough-edges in the...

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Fries helps you prototype Android apps using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

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Android Cmake

A collection of CMake scripts, and patches for common libraries that may be useful to the Android NDK community. The project includes ports of the following boost eigen glues It also includes a few samples.

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Embeddable Android library QR (and other codes) scanner, based on ZXing project. It aims to help developers easily embed Barcode Scanner functionality into their android application.

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A simple FRP library and a android event framework built on it. It is a fork of nafg reactive library for scala FRP and contains some improvemet of original library and android library for...