Category: Android

ViewRevealAnimator-thumb 0


ViewAnimator view with a lollipop style reveal effect. Regular animation can be set (just like the default ViewAnimator) for android < 21.

freepager-thumb 0


Ready-to-use view pagers for your project.

MaterialDialog-for-Android 0


An Android dialog library, has strong extensibility, customizability, and for conveniently building Material Design Dialog in Android version 2.2 ~ L.

MaterialLoadingProgressBar-thumb 0


MaterialLoadingProgressBar provide a styled ProgressBar which looks like SwipeRefreshLayout’s loading indicator(support-v4 v21+).

MaterialTabs-for-Android 0


Custom Tabs with Material Design animations for pre-Lollipop devices.

DesignOverlay-Android 0

DesignOverlay Android

DesignOverlay is an android app which displays a design image with grid lines to facilitate the tedious layout process. The grid is especially useful to align to baseline grids as described in Android Design...

SlideDateTimePicker-Android 0


SlideDateTimePicker is an Android library that displays a single DialogFragment in which the user can select a date and a time. The user can swipe between the DatePicker and TimePicker, and the tab underline...

MaterialDrawer-Android 0


The MaterialDrawer library aims to provide the easiest possible implementation of a navigation drawer for your application. It provides a great amount of out of the box customizations and also includes an easy to...