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SmartTabLayout-for-Android 0


A custom ViewPager title strip which gives continuous feedback to the user when scrolling.

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LogRabbit is the essential logcat viewer for Android developers. LogRabbit monitors Android device logs in real time quickly and efficiently. Smooth scrolling and auto scroll lock help take the hassle out of dealing with...

DaVinci-for-Android-Wear 0


DaVinci is an image downloading and caching library for Android Wear.

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HelloCharts for Android

Charting library for Android compatible with API 8+(Android 2.2). Works best when hardware acceleration is available, so API 14+(Android 4.0) is recommended. Features Line chart(cubic lines, filled lines, scattered points) Column chart(grouped, stacked, negative...

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apk2gold : Easy-as-pie Android Decompiler

apk2gold is a CLI tool for decompiling Android apps to Java. It is basically a small amount of original content (the R.* thing) and a script wrapping some excellent 3rd-party tools. It is designed...

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Fragment Switcher

FragmentSwitcher is an adapter-based, state-saving fragment container similar to a ViewPager. It was designed with the NavigationDrawer and Tab patterns in mind but can be used anywhere that you switch between fragments and would...

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Android Ripple Background

A beautiful ripple animation for your app. You can easily change its color, speed of wave, one ripple or multiple ripples.

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3 kinds of progress view are provided, DonutProgress, CircleProgress, ArcProgress.