Category: Android

EazeGraph-for-ios 0


An Android library for creating beautiful and fancy charts. Its main goal was to create a lighweight library which is easy to use and highly customizable with an “up-to-date”-look. It currently supports bar charts,...

android-constrained-widgets 0

Android Constrained Widgets

This library offers a set of widgets that will respect a given aspect ratio while allowing to set relative dimensions. For instance, you can have a layout that extends to the whole available width...

dart-android-injection-library 0


Extras “injection” library for Android which uses annotation processing to generate code that does direct field assignment of your extras.

HzGrapher-for-android 0


Android hz graph library. Feature, Easy to customize Free of layout size Graph draw animation

android-tooltips-lib 0

Android ToolTips

ToolTips is an Open Source Android library that allows developers to easily display tooltips for views.

android-btxfr 0


A lightweight library for transferring data between Android devices using Bluetooth. It can be used to exchange text, files, photos, videos, sounds, and literally any other type of binary data. The library supports anything...

Android-ActionItemBadge-lib 0


ActionItemBadge is a library which offers a simple and easy to use method to add a badge to your action item!