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kryonet-android-tcp-udp 0


KryoNet is a Java library that provides a clean and simple API for efficient TCP and UDP client/server network communication using NIO. KryoNet uses the Kryo serialization library to automatically and efficiently transfer object...

MPAndroidChart-android-library 0


A simple charting library for Android, supporting line-, bar-, scatter-, candlestick- and piecharts, as well as scaling, dragging, selecting and animations.

AboutLibraries-Android 0


AboutLibraries is a library to offer you all the information you need of your libraries. Most modern apps feature an “Used Library”-Section and for this some information of those libs is required. This library helps...

Android Charting Library 0


desCharts is an Android charting library, named so as a tribute to René Descartes, father of analytical geometry.

CreditCardEditText-ios-edittext 0


An extension of Android’s EditText control that detects the type of credit card from the numbers that are entered in it. It also provides an interface through which more patterns can be added. Once...

no-img-placeholder-andr 0


Parcelgen is a helpful tool that simplifies the process of building objects from JSON descriptions and passing those objects between Android Activities. It is a Python script coupled with a small set of Java...

RoboBinding-Android 0


RoboBinding is a data-binding Presentation Model(MVVM) framework for the Android platform. Apart from promoting well-structured projects, RoboBinding focuses the areas that Android app development suffers: removes – lots of unnecessary code(e.g., addXXListener(), findViewById()…) –...

ASimpleCache-android 0


ASimpleCache is a lightweight open source caching framework developed for android.

droidQuery-android 0


droidQuery is an Android port of jQuery, and is designed to be as syntactically alike as possible in Java. jQuery provides magic for allowing the simultaneous manipulation of a set of UI entities (using...

easymock-android 0


EasyMock is a Java library that provides an easy way to use Mock Objects in unit testing. It provides Mock Objects by generating them on the fly using Java’s proxy mechanism.