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So you have just finished developing your app and already published it on an app marketplace (Play store, App Store etc.). What do you do now? Sit back and relax? Probably yes, if you developed the app just to learn the process and are okay with it even if the app doesn’t do well. But if you are serious about it and want your app to succeed and also make some money, your work has just begun. Developing and publishing an app is just the first step, the next step, which is marketing your app, is often overlooked by developers or not enough effort is put into it.

Marketing your app properly is very important if you want it to stand out among thousands of other apps. Not every app goes viral like Flappy Bird and you have to put in a good amount of effort in marketing it. Marketing your app costs money, but there are some easy ways to get the ball rolling before you start spending. One of them is to get your app its own website. A landing page for your app, where visitors can learn about the app and what it does in detail and read your marketing pitch and download your app by following the link to respective app stores. A properly designed website dedicated to your app can impact your app’s web presence and download count in a positive way and differentiate your apps from others. A full fledged website will provide you with much more option in terms of optimizing your contents and SEO, but a simple landing page, will at the least provide a web presence for your app.

This brings us to another problem. Not every mobile app developer is a web developer. So chances are there are a lot of app developers who have no or minimal knowledge of developing and maintaining a website and a large number of developers who may be well versed in both but don’t have the time or intention to maintain their own website. This is where a service like Carp comes in.

With Carp you can have a website for your mobile app up and running within minutes. With its easy to use interface you can add text, screenshots, custom background etc. without using any HTML or CSS code. The landing pages are fully responsive and hence will work nicely on devices of any size. With Carp, you don’t have to design and develop your website from the scratch, rather you fill in the details about your app such as app name, description, tagline, screen shot, features of the app etc. and configure various design parameters related to the website such as background image, text colors, app download links etc. and Carp will automatically create a webpage with these details. Of course, you don’t get the level of flexibility that you get with a website built from scratch, but Carp provides you with a sleek, professional design with a standard layout that we usually come across in mobile app websites. The main advantage of using a service like Carp is that it saves you a lot of time and headache associated with developing and hosting your own site. You don’t have to worry about the code, browser compatibility, design, hosting, downtime etc.

By default, Carp provides you with a url for your website ( however, you can also use your own domain name (http://yourwebsitename). A Carp landing page costs $4.99 / mo and a 30-day unlimited free trial is also available.

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