The Best Tutorials to Learn LibGDX Game Development

LibGDX is a cross platform game development framework that can be used to develop and publish games for Android, iOS, Desktop and the web. It is a particularly popular choice for developing 2d games for Android. A big advantage of LibGDX is that it lets you run and debug your games on the desktop, natively instead of deploying to Android/iOS after each code change. LibGDX lets you go as low-level as you want, giving you direct access to file systems, input devices, audio devices and OpenGL and has a powerful set of APIs on top of these low level functionalities that allows you to accomplish common game development tasks such as rendering sprites and text, building user interfaces, playing audio/music streams etc.

This is a list of some of the best freely available online tutorials that can help you learn LibGDX. It is also worth mentioning that LibGDX has a decent documentation and also contains several sample projects and links to useful resources.


A great tutorial series on LibGDX teaching various aspects of developing games with LibGDX , right from creating a new LibGDX project to basics of graphics, camera, audio, physics and much more. It covers several important concepts that includes,

  • Getting started (Basics concepts, creating project ..)
  • Basic graphics, camera, input handling, audio, networking etc.
  • Using Scene2D
  • Tiled Maps and how to use the Tiled map editor.
  • GLSL Shaders
  • Physics (Basic simulations, force, impulse, collisions etc.)
  • Particles


Learn LibGDX by creating a complete game. This multi-part tutorial walks you through the process of creating a complete game (a Flappy bird clone) with LibGDX. Each part discusses a different aspect of the game and you will have developed a complete game at the end of the series. Topics covered include,

  • Analysis of a Flappy Bird like game
  • Basics of LibGDX
  • Adding graphics and sounds
  • Collision Detection
  • GameStates and High Score
  • Supporting multiple platforms

Learn how to create a simple platformer game with LibGDX. This series of tutorials discusses many important aspects of a platformer game from basics like project setup to animation, collision, scores etc.


This tutorial provides an overview of the LibGDX framework and guides you through the process of creating a simple game to teach some useful LibGDX concepts

An hour and a half long video tutorial teaching how to develop games for Android and Desktop with LibGDX framework. It uses a space invader like game as an example.

This tutorial is more focused on the implementation of this particular game than LibGDX itself. But it is still worth a look in case you want to learn basics of developing a running game.

A very simple game to learn LibGDX basics.


So you have finished your LibGDX game and want to monetize it? Here’s a tutorial showing how you can monetize your LibGDX game with AdMob. AdMob is perhaps the most popular Ad Network when it comes to mobile. This tutorial shows how to get started with your AdMob account, set up  Google Play Services SDK, integrate ads into your project etc.

A series of video tutorials on LibGDX . The series covers various useful topics such as project setup, splash screen, sprites, fonts, creating menu, Box2D, random level generation etc.

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  1. ghelli says:

    Here is a link of my kickstarter page concerning a high end tutorial for libGDX.
    At firts it will be in french but i’ll talk in english too.
    I hope you will have some interset for it and that you could maybe tell your followers.
    The objective is to create a really great training session and potentially try to extend the numbers of good programmers using this fantastic framework.

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